Joffrey is a whole hearted, authentic, and dedicated soul.

His spirit will guide him to assist you to find your inner balance and recover your health. Besides his intuitive guidance, Joffrey brings with him many years of practice in various healing techniques, such as “Cellular Analyse & Reprogrammation Method” (Similar to Kinesiology), “Hoshindo Therapy Biodynamic (apitherapy)”, “Thai Massage”, “Polarity Technique”,  “Reflexology”, “Cranio-Sacral”, “Chromo-therapy”, “Naturopathy” and “Essential oils’’ which he uses with clarity and deep knowledge.


His 15 years experience, aligned with his longing to work together with your committment towards yourself, will guide you on your own heart and soul path journey, and slowly enable you to see and create the bigger picture of what you long for.

Principles and discipline Thai massage 

  • Thai Massage, Chiang Mai, Belgium

  • Analytical Cellular Decoding & Chinese Medicine 

Understand the body’s way, the links of emotion and physical diseases

  • Psycho-biological decoding of Disease

  • Hoshindo Institute of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Japanese Meridians and Japanese Bee Therapy

New way of decoding any type of symptoms (physical, emotional and mental) and resolve their underlying bio- emotional and ancestral.

  • Shamanic Breath Work Facilitation, Belgium, Portugal, Mexico & USA

Therapy through breathing exercices to release stuck patterns and increase energy flow

  • Ecole de Meta Reflexology, France

Decoding and balancing the body using the map of the feet

  • Alchemy Therapy with Toni Ceron             

  • Sound Therapy in Belgium, France & Mexico

Shamanic approach 

Creation of plant elixirs          

  • Chromo Therapy

Harmonisation of the energy field through light and colour

  • B.S.P.T- University Parnasse Deux Alice, Brussels Belgium    

Sport and Physical Teacher Education


 By appointment  Brussels, Lisbon, London, 


Ph: +32 479 796 936

Email: joffrey.deleplanque@gmail.com