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Joffrey is a multidisciplinary healer with more than 15 years of exploring and educating about the best way to help human beings to raise their frequency and how this is fundamental to keep us healthy in all our bodies.

Originally from Belgium but currently based in Ibiza, he is usually traveling to different communities around the world sharing this ancient knowledge adapted to the current needs.

His intuitive journey began with his own experience not finding in the conventional health care system the support he was needing so he found his own way through the study of different alternative healing techniques.

Joffrey is a wholehearted, authentic, and dedicated soul with the commitment to support people to have the sovereignty of their well-being with the knowledge of the perfect engineering we have in our body and nature´s resources.

training ​​

He has specialized himself in all the spectrum of physical therapies that harmonizes the energy frequency:

  • Hoshindo Institute of Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Thai Massage, Chiang Mai, Belgium

  • Analytical Cellular Decoding & Chinese Medicine

  • Psycho-biological decoding of Disease

  • Shamanic Breath Work Facilitation, Belgium, Portugal, Mexico & USA

  • Sound Therapy in Belgium, France & Mexico

  • Ecole de Meta Reflexology, France

  • Alchemy Therapy with Toni Ceron

  • Chromo Therapy

  • B.S.P.T- University Parnasse Deux Alice, Brussels Belgium

As a long-life education seeker, his curriculum is always in motion. At the moment, one of his main investigation focus together with the beekeeper's international community and some doctors is to provide support in these challenging moments through natural health care tools and products.


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