Cranio meridian massage

Our body is constantly sending us messages. In every moment, we have the opportunity to listen to them and to choose to integrate them into our life for self-transformation, growth and incarnation of our deepest & highest truth.


Life is movement. Your energetic system, body-mind-soul, has its unique natural movement.

The holistic vision and approach of Integrative Body Work enables your system to find it’s way back to

it’s natural state of being and leads you to feeling better.


My purpose in our work together, is to help you to understand your body’s messages and to bring your

energetic system back into its natural flow.


A session with Joffrey could be hands on, or hands off dependant of what he is guided to what your body is needing in that moment.  The same way that in Chinese Medicine you may seek assistance for an issue, and find there are other factors that may seem unrelated, however are all interconnected and important to address first in order to access a solution for the first issue you needed assistance with.


  A session with Joffrey can include the following techniques:

                                                                                          * Thai massage

                                                                                          * Relax massage

                                                                                          * Reflexology

                                                                                          * Bee Therapy

                                                                                          * Cranio Sacral

                                                                                          * Energetic Sound Tuning 

                                                                                          * LymeSupport Disease

                                                                                          * Emotional Balancing


 By appointment  Brussels, Lisbon, London, 


Ph: +32 479 796 936