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"Bee healing is a natural therapy that promotes physical and emotional well-being."


A journey to discover the power of nature's vibrational frequency and how it can elevate your overall well-being.


Quantum physics has shown that every particle, every living being emits vibrations of varying frequencies that communicate and mutually influence each other. On a purely physical level, the higher my vibrational rate, the less likely I am to fall ill, and the more resilient my body becomes to healing diseases. The same principle applies to my emotional state.

Bees, through their social organization and high level of communication, possess a high vibrational frequency that I can benefit from.

Conversely, they are also very sensitive to energies transmitted by humans, and the quality of their products depends on it. That's why I prioritize gentle and respectful methods from harvesting to labeling my products.

At Beefrequency, I have developed dynamic processes at each stage of my production to amplify the benefits of my propolis.

My techniques of dynamization (gentle distillation, mantras, vortex dynamization, reiki) are applied in the hive and in the laboratory during the production of my preparations. They amplify the vibrational field of propolis, and consequently, its effect on my body.

Aligning with the Vibrational Frequency of Bees

The Beefrequency know-how is anchored in my expertise as an apitherapist and practitioner of alternative medicines.

“Years of observation and practice have shown me the healing power of hive products.” Joffrey Deleplanque, founder.

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Deeper Transformation & Renewal

I am convinced that only a holistic approach - one that integrates the well-being of my body, soul, and mind - effectively heals. The balance between the collective and the individual, harmony with my environment, are also essential to gain balance and health.

On this front, bees have everything to teach me.

In the hive, each bee works for the well-being of the colony and benefits from it. Alone, a bee cannot survive. Together, they live in harmony with nature and reciprocate by creating the wonderful products we all love to benefit from.

Beefrequency draws inspiration from the existing life dynamics within a bee swarm to apply them to my inner well-being.

My state of health, my skin, reflect my emotional state, my lifestyle, my position in society (stress, fears, complexes, ...). Only harmony among all these aspects leads me on the path to healing and betterment.

My propolis-based products are manufactured and energized within this approach, to allow alignment between my body and mind.


About Beefrequency 

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