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High vibrational, Organic & Ethicaly sourced Propolis

Made from raw, organic ingredients that are ethically sourced and harvested, I only collaborate with traditional beekeepers to preserve both the bees and the product from pesticides. This approach ensures a high-quality product that supports a sustainable chain from the hive to your home, which I personally oversee.

"Dealing with Lyme disease hasn't been easy, but Joffrey's propolis products have been a game-changer for me. They've helped manage my symptoms and boost my energy levels. So grateful for his support!"

Peter. V

"With a busy family and a little one in school, staying healthy is non-negotiable. Your propolis have become our go-to for everything from sore throats to immunity boosts. Can't recommend them enough!"

Caroline. M

I've tried tons of propolis products, but nothing compares to yours. When I was hit with a nasty flu, your propolis had me feeling better in just 48 hours. It's seriously impressive stuff!


Our Products

Discover the power of Beefrequency's propolis. Our carefully curated selection showcases the best of nature's gifts. With unparalleled purity and potency, our propolis products offer unique benefits for your health and wellness needs. Explore now and experience the difference.



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